A balmung free company

“We are the Lightsworn. Though our origins are not the same, we swear to follow the same course that lights the path for others, and the values it brings: kindness, hope, and honor.”

who are we?

Our mission

good-aligned | mostly lore-compliant | humanitarian | storytellingThe Lightsworn are a humanitarian organization dedicated to helping and assisting those who are in need - namely communities that are rebuilding and recovering from natural disasters, war, and other issues.

what is our goal?


As a free company, the Lightsworn is looking to build a story together as roleplayers - player and narrative driven. For us, every individual character in the community should feel like their own main character. We intend to remain a small, close-knit group, with high quality and dedicated roleplayers.

how will we do it?

the SHINE system

Our community uses a player-vs-environment centric d10 system for our events. It is designed to be very simple, yet flexible for any character's needs - as we understand characters cannot always be defined by simple numbers.

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